Old School 2D RPG Game Maker Ages 8-17 1 week
RPG Game Design Academy Ages 8-17 2 weeks
Intro to Programming w/JAVA Ages 8-17 1 week
Game Design: Dungeon Creation Ages 8-17 1 week
First Person Shooter (FPS) Game Design Ages 8-17 1 week
Minecraft Madness Ages 8-17 1 week
Movie Making Academy Ages 8-17 2 weeks
Post Production Ages 8-17 1 week
NEW! Advanced Movie Making Ages 8-17 1-2 weeks
Computers 101 & Office Essentials Ages 8-17 1 week
Computer Building & Configuration Ages 8-17 1 week
Comic Book Creation Ages 8-17 1 week
Digital Photography w/ Photoshop Ages 8-17 1 week
Designing Mobile Apps w/FLASH Ages 8-17 1 week
Lego Mindstorm Robotics Ages 8-17 1 week
Minecraft Madness Ages 8-17 1 week
Games, Games, Games Ages 8-17 1 week
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This local Katy business was created by Katy resident & Class of '92 Katy High School graduate, Amber Foxhoven Strickland. A mother of three, she like other Katy moms struggled to find fun and engaging activities for her children during the summer. Frustrated by the level of technology being taught at school, the idea for Camp Katy was born. Beginning with just a couple of half day classes seven years ago, Amber has grown her camp to teach over 350 kids at the summer 2010 day camp session. New classes added this year, kids can learn 2D & 3D game design, computer literacy, computer keyboarding or typing, Microsoft office essentials, computer building, computer troubleshooting, computer network design, graphic arts and design, Photoshop, Photoshop elements, Light room, comic book creation, script writing, story boarding, acting, movie / film camera operation or cinematography, movie / film light setup, movie / film sound effects, movie / film sound, movie / film on location shooting, movie / film editing, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Flash 2D game design, Adobe Flash web widgets, web design with Adobe Dreamweaver, mobile apps, Apple developer, professional photography, professional photography trips, digital darkroom with Adobe Photoshop and Light room, photo journalism and so much more. Come check out the Camp Katy difference. We are a better camp for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. *This program is not regulated by the Department of Family and Protective Services- Child Care Licensing